With the development of society, office automation is becoming more and more popular, such as printers and other office equipment are more and more used in enterprises and general users, but also stimulate the rapid development of printing consumables market.


Printing consumables are mainly used in enterprises, the demand for printing consumables is very large, but for photocopiers and printer subsequent consumables, enterprises often ignore the costs in this respect. According to professional survey data, the average company spends 1% to 5% a year on office expenses and 3% to 5% operating costs on office supplies.


Enterprises are faced with the price of original printing consuamble, counterfeit printing consuamble ,impossible to guard against, the compatible consumable supplies mix many kinds quality and price together, so that the level of service and support,consistent and so on various issues. If an enterprise has a perfect solution, its cost can be reduced by 25-35%, not only the cost of the enterprise, but also the office efficiency will be greatly improved.

Factory Advantage :

1. Personalized Packaging Design

2. Automated rapid production

3. ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, MSDS, STMC, CE, RoHS and other certifications

4. Fast delivery

5. More than 15 years of OEM experience

6. R & D team with more than 50 technicians

7. The scale of the factory reaches more than 35,000 square meters

8. Monthly output of over 1 million

9. Overseas branches: Mexico, Colombia, Dubai, Myanmar, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Nigeria